Some people say this is the saddest day of the year!  After all the hype of Christmas preparation from decorating and cooking to gift purchasing, wrapping and giving, the floors are now covered with wrapping paper and empty boxes.  Decorations somehow now seem “stale” and calling to be stored away for another 11 months.

I saw a story on the news last night with some tips on disposing of boxes from gifts you receive for Christmas.  The story reported that thieves will drive by and look at the garbage people have placed at the curb, staking out their next victims based on discarded boxes from gifts.  People were encouraged to place boxes in black garbage bags or to take to recycle instead.

It’s so sad we have to be so cautious in this world for fear of a thief stealing our Christmas gifts.  We want to be able to share our excitement about our gifts instead of worrying whether someone is going to steal it!

The greatest gift ever given for Christmas was the gift of Jesus.  We can get excited about Him.  We don’t have to hide this gift in a black plastic bag or take it to recycle.  There is, however, a 100% guarantee that the devil will definitely try to steal it but don’t let it go.  Cling tight to Jesus and He will knock that thief down with one tip of His finger.

There is joy in Christmas from the gifts we receive.   Enjoy your gifts.  Get excited because you received them.  It’s the same with the gift of Jesus.  It’s okay to be excited.  It’s okay to spread the word; to share it with others; and to NEVER put it in a black garbage bag.

Don’t let the day after Christmas be depressing but rather look at it as the start of enjoying your special gifts.  In reality the excitement is just beginning.

Thank you, God, for the best Christmas gift ever – the gift of Jesus.  I love the day after Christmas and the excitement of celebrating His gift all year long!