Have you ever seen the movie, Elf?

Buddy the Elf and the Moral Argument for God

There’s a scene where the store manager announces to the employees that Santa is coming to Gimbles Department Store the following day and Buddy, the Elf, gets so excited.  He jumps up and down and screams, “I know him!  I know him!”

That night, Buddy hides in the store  and after everyone is gone, he stays up all night and prepares the whole floor for the arrival of Santa by putting up lights, making a welcome sign out of Etch-A-Sketch® toys; cutting out hundreds of paper snowflakes and building a replica of the Empire State Building out of Lego® blocks.  The whole floor is decorated to the max with Christmas décor.

It reminds me of when the kids were little and we would have everything just perfect for Santa’s arrival – tree decorated and lit all night; gifts under the trees wrapped in paper that was left out for Santa to use; cookies and milk were left on the table for Santa’s enjoyment; even reindeer food was scattered outside for the arrival of the big guy and his sleigh.

If only we would be that diligent about getting our “house in order” for the coming of the King.  If only we could make sure that everyone was ready for His arrival.
If only we could get as excited about His coming.
If only we could prepare for months in advance of the big day.
If only we would be willing to jump up and down and tell everyone “we know Him”!

As some stores already have Christmas decorations out and we begin thinking of our preparations for the holidays, let’s remember to listen to God and prepare our spiritual house for the coming of Christ and get as excited as good ole Buddy, the Elf………..but scrap the green and yellow suit!