We all have one.

Usually it’s the messiest drawer in the house containing things that we just don’t know what to do with but find that we just can’t part with.  Sometimes it becomes so full, it can’t be opened.  Then we have no time to clean our junk drawer so the junk in the junk drawer becomes “mystery junk”.

The popular phrase in the “organization world” is:  “If you haven’t used it or worn it in a year, throw it out”.  Are you kidding me?  What if I need it one day?  What if there is something in that junk drawer that I can’t live without?!

We ignore the junk drawer and the mystery junk inside the drawer (that now will barely open and if it opened will never be able to close again) thinking that the Junk Drawer Fairy will mysteriously appear one night while we’re sleeping and organize the junk drawer for us.  We will wake up and the drawer will open, all things are neat and tidy and everything will be useful and nothing had to be thrown away.  Thank you, Junk Drawer Fairy!

Well that’s not going to happen!  The junk will not be cleared by ignoring it.  And neither will the junk in our lives.  We can keep pushing it down and keep ignoring it.  We can believe that one day we will wake up and the Junk Fairy will have removed all the hatred, unforgiveness and bitterness from our heart and we will be good to go.

But that is a lie from the evil one.  Just like the junk drawer will not magically appear organized, our heart will not magically be clean without some work, evaluating and clutter control.  What’s bugging you today?  What is causing you to be in a bad mood and sour all the time?  Why are you grouchy and yelling at your spouse, your kids, your friends?

Take a good look at your heart and do a little cleaning out of the junk.  Once you remove the unwanted clutter, JOY can find its way into your heart and the bitterness and anger can be removed.

It’s not the Junk Fairy or the Organization Queen….it’s Jesus.  Jesus removes junk and brings joy.  Let him give you a good cleaning today!