I was walking the other day trying to get in my steps for the day.  One of the paths I walk is full of houses.  However, I have never seen anyone outside at this one house.  Vehicles are in different spots and there is obvious signs of people living there but I have never seen a physical person at that house.

As I was walking past the driveway, I noticed a key on the ground.  It looked like a vehicle key with a black, push-button top and a metal key at the bottom.  It was lodged down in the gravel a bit as if someone may have run over it with a car tire.  I debated on what to do.  I was just hoping someone would come out of the house, but no luck.

I decided to pick up the key and knock on the door to see if anyone would answer.  Knock knock….nothing.  Knock knock – a little harder now.  Nothing.  So I hung the key ring on the slim door handle hoping the owner would find it.

I continued to walk, praying that I would see someone outside that house to let them know about the key.   As I went to make my last turn, I felt a nudge to turn around and go back “counter-clockwise” to my loop around my path – totally contrary to my Type A personality!  But I did it and wouldn’t you know………as soon as I got up to that house a car pulled in!

It’s the first time in at least 2 years that I have EVER seen someone at that house!  So I told her about the key and went on my way.  Sometimes the Lord just has to stop us in our path of habit and send us in a different direction to be able to have us see Him at work!

I thanked the Lord for working in my life in even the smallest things like finding a key.  I think I even had a little spring in my step as I continued my walk…counter-clockwise!