I love to get up early and have my quiet time before the race of the day begins.  When I get up it’s still dark outside most days of the year.  I immediately grab my cell phone and turn on the flashlight feature to help guide my way.

Before cell phones we always had flashlights and candles handy if the power went out during a storm and a small flashlight by the bed for the bathroom journeys in the middle of the night.

We take this light feature for granted that when we flip on our cell phone there will automatically be light to guide our path.  Psalm 119:105 says “Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light for my path.”

I learned this verse in Bible school when I was in elementary school.  We sang the song and said the pledge.  I’ve heard sermons on this verse and read devotions about it.  I’ve even used this verse in previous writings I have done.  But for some reason, today, it really hit me.

I need that flashlight each morning to show me what path to take so that I don’t run into a wall or furniture as I head from one spot to the next until I can turn on the overhead light.  Without that light, I would stumble.  This verse says “your word” is a light for my path.  The Bible.  The path of my every day life.  Without the words of the Bible – the light for my path –  I will stumble.

It’s silly to try and find our way in the dark when we have a flashlight at our fingertips.  So why in the world would we try to find our way through this dark world, take a chance at continuing to stumble when we have the light of the Word at our fingertips?!

I encourage you today to open your Bible, ask God to lead you to the exact verses that will help light your path today so that you can walk in His light and not stumble over the things in your path.  A few minutes in The Word to light the path is better than stumbling through the dark of the day and injuring something or someone very precious to us.

Hope your day is filled with light and the Joy of the Lord!