You walk into the License Branch and there is a huge yellow sign with a big arrow pointing to a computer screen that says “TAKE A NUMBER”.

When you are in college, everything is by Student ID #.  You sign up for classes by that number.  You pay your bill by that number.  You get assigned dorm rooms by that number.  You are identified at the library by that number.

Throughout your entire life, you are identified by your Social Security number – when you are born, when you start kindergarten, when you go to high school, when you get your driver’s license, when you file your taxes, when you have any medical procedure done, etc.

It seems like through life we are just one big number!!

Our youngest daughter received an email stating that she hadn’t paid her rent several months earlier but had paid subsequent rent payments.  She knew that was not the case and had the receipt to prove it.  She went to the apartment complex to straighten things out and they were very kind.  They credited her account and gave her the following explanation:  There were several people with the names “Morgan” and “Young”.  There were actually two Morgan Youngs renting from this complex and a person with the last name Morgan and another person with the last name Young.  They accidentally credited the wrong account.  Going forward, they would use the actual apartment number to identify the proper person.

Thank goodness we serve a God who doesn’t get mixed up and doesn’t look at us as just a number.  Jesus tells us in Matthew 10:30 that even the very hairs on our head are numbered.  He says not to be afraid because that’s how well He knows us; enough to know how many hairs are on our head.  (For some it’s easier than others! hahaha)

He knows us personally and even though there are billions of people in this world, He doesn’t need a number to identify us.  He won’t get you mixed up with someone else.  He won’t mistakenly give you the wrong direction or wrong blessings.  He knows it all and He knows your name.   So when you get discouraged about the number game in this world, know that the one who rules the world doesn’t need a number to identify YOU.