Alarm beeps.  Snooze hit.  Moan exhales.  Dread sets in.  Another day.

Apparently an early day if the alarm wakes you and you hit snooze.  I do it every morning.  Some mornings I hit snooze to turn the annoying thing off and then allow myself 90 seconds to wake up and completely detonate the thing.

But then I get up, aggravated, to start the daily routine.  Brush my teeth.  Do my business. Take a shower. Put on every form of moisturizer available.  Hair.  Face. Arms. Legs. Feet. Eyes. Hands.  Dry my hair. Curl my hair.  Put on my makeup.  Get dressed.  And then do my daily devotions.

Then it’s time for the blog post, the instagram post, the website post or nothing at all.

Time is running out.  The clock keeps ticking closer to the minute I must leave the comfort of my own home to get in the comfort of my own car to drive to that job.  Yes, the one that allows me to get up and go.  The one that allows me to have a comfortable home and a comfortable car  and a comfortable life.  Okay.  Maybe it’s not the job.

So what is my ball and chain?  What is it that keeps me under the covers up to my neck not even wanting to peek out?

The worry of the same ole day ahead.  That’s what it is.  The same news stories.  The same reruns of my favorite show.  The same drive to work.  The same parking spot.  The same pictures in my office.  The same wardrobe.  The same places to eat for lunch…and sometimes the same food for lunch day after day.

Hold on.  I finally figured it out!!  I know what my “old ball and chain is”!!  Comfort.  Same ole.  I need to mix it up a bit.  I used to do that.  I used to not be so boring.

What happened?  Age. Weight. Laziness.  Maybe all of the above but I believe the biggest thing is comfort.  I just got comfortable where I am and for months it’s been holding me hostage like a ball and chain.

What’s your ball and chain?  Stay tuned and we will look at ways in the next couple weeks of how we can get out of that rut and cut that chain to send that ole ball rollin’ down the hill!

Bye Bye Ball and Chain!