My Dad loves to fish.  As long as I can remember he has loved to fish.

Over the years, Dad has spent many days fishing with his buddies, Bill and Noah.  And many of those times they would come home empty handed.  No fish.  They tried different kinds of bait; different fishing poles; different boats and different locations.  Something about those boys and fishing!  They would get bites on the line but the fish always got away.

It has become a joke with us now that when he goes fishing, chances are the big one got away!

I wonder if that is how the devil feels when we reject him and his ways?  He tries everything to lure us in.  He uses chaos, busyness, worry, unforgiveness, lies and all kinds of deceit as his bait.  We cling tight to the Truth in God and we don’t bite.

So the evil one moves on to the next idea and the next idea.  A different “boat”.  A different “location”.  A different “hook”.  He keeps working and working on us trying to reel us into his world of hatred and deceit.

But we must be strong, folks and be the one that gets away.  Faith in Jesus.  Staying strong in the Bible, regular worship, daily prayer and living out that faith is what allows us to get away.

Be the strong one.  Keep swimming around in God’s word and avoid the devil’s hook.  Let’s fight back and win this battle.  Let’s be the one that got away!

James 4:7 -8 – Submit yourselves then to God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you.  Come near to God and He will come near to you.