All the rage now is about detoxing the body.  Colon cleanse. Liver cleanse. Digestive tract cleanse.

Drink this green detox tea.  Take these series of vitamins.  Eat only these foods in combination with these foods.  Avoid these foods.  Drink water mixed with this vitamin powder.

We spend hours researching the best formulas and millions on purchasing them.  One article I read explained the benefits of a “good cleanse.”

  1.  Reduce toxins.
  2.  Help identify foods that cause inflammation.
  3. Heal your gut.
  4. Give you tools to use every day.
  5. Supply nutrients to fuel the body each day.
  6. Give you support and hold you accountable.

What about a total mind and soul cleanse?  All of the benefits of the cleanse above can also be found in Christ.

  1.  He can forgive you of all the toxic sin in your life.
  2.  He will guide you to identify what is causing sin and lead you on the right path.
  3.  He will not only heal your gut but He will heal your heart.
  4.  He has given us His Word to use as a tool in our everyday life.
  5.  He is the supplier of all nutrients to fuel our body each day.
  6.  And He gives the ultimate support and holds us accountable to live for Him.

Let’s do this thing together!  Let’s get on the detox bandwagon and detox our mind and soul today by following the Great Physician.  Who’s in?