“If you want to get a child’s attention the most powerful tool is……………the pause.”

Quite a powerful sentence from someone I quote a lot….Vanessa from the television show “Last Man Standing”.  hahhaha

How true it is not only for children but for adults too!  If you want to get someone’s attention, pause.

A pause creates silence and as an on-the-go-constantly society, we notice pause.

Most of us are uncomfortable with pause.

We are waiting, typically impatiently, for the next thing.

We tend to be prepared to fill the silence of pause in a conversation the second it hits.

Are you like that?  Are you uncomfortable with pause?  With silence?  With stillness?

When the pandemic hit, we were abruptly caused to pause.  And for some the pause continues today.  For some the pause was frightening.  For others the pause became a welcome relief.  A much-needed break.  A time to reflect and a time to reset priorities.  A time to focus on what was important.


That’s what God does sometimes.  We are running around forgetting who is in charge.  We pray for something and expect answers like we are running through a drive-thru or warming something up for 15 seconds in a microwave.  We want answers to our prayers and we want them. right. now!

But God says, “pause”.  Be silent.  Pray. Worship. Focus on Him.

If you feel like you are running on empty or running around like a chicken with its head cut off, just pause.

Pause and pray.  Ask God to refocus you and to allow the Holy Spirit to stir in your inner being to cause you to pause and slow down.  To scoot a little closer to Him.  He may be trying to get our attention with…..the pause.

Take it seriously.  Give it a try.

And then tomorrow, do it again.

Wake up.  Pray.   And pause.