This is day 2 in The Quitters Club series and the second “D” is Disappointed.

Have you ever been so disappointed in something or someone that you just wanted to quit?

Maybe you have been a fan of the Chicago Cubs ever since you were a little kid.  It was a family tradition for decades to wear the blue and red and cheer for the Big C.  Year after year the race for the World Series championship came up short.  You were disappointed time after time and the thought crossed your mind to break the family tradition and find a new team.  But for those die-hard fans who hung in there, they were no longer disappointed last year!!  After a hundred and some years of waiting, the World Series trophy came home to Chicago!

However, sometimes we don’t get to see the other side of disappointment.  Maybe we are disappointed in something we buy that didn’t live up to the expectation of the advertisement.  Maybe we save for years for an anticipated vacation and we are disappointed once we get there.  Maybe we put our favorite celebrity or a friend on a pedestal and they fall off leaving us with disappointment.

People, places and things will disappoint us in this life but we can’t quit doing life!  We can’t quit going on vacations and enjoying baseball because we are disappointed.  We can’t quit having friends because people disappoint us. We are not members of The Quitters Club.

We learn when we are disappointed that the only true One that is constant, is always there, will help us through disappointments and not allow us to quit believing in Him is our precious Lord.  We may disappoint Him but He will never disappoint us.  He may not do things the way we want or we think is best, but bottom line is – His ways are always best and the destination we seek through Him will not disappoint.

Disappointments happen but God never quits.  And neither should we.

I Peter 5:7 – Cast all your cares [disappointments] on Him because He cares for you.