It’s March Madness basketball time!  One of my favorite times of year.

Season records.
Conference tournament wins.
Strength of schedule.
Total combine points of losses.
On-the-road vs at-home wins.

There’s a lot of scientific data and thought that goes into choosing which top 66 teams get a chance to play in the Biggest College Tournament of all times.  A lot of basketball fans agonize over that data fantasizing about creating the perfect bracket.

Me, on the other hand…I fill out my brackets based on a different set of criteria. A much more FUN way of selection.   🙂

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes look at the carefully-thought-out details of how I go about selecting my bracket:

Liberty – because they are a Christian school.

Michigan State  – because I like Cassius Winston’s name.

Northern Kentucky – because my friend’s husband played basketball there.

Michigan – because I love yellow and navy together.

Oregon – because their fight song is the same as my high school fight song.

UC Irvine – because I saw their men’s volleyball team play and they were awesome!

North Carolina – because Roy Williams seems like a nice guy.

Wofford – because I really like to say that word.

Purdue – because Carsen Edwards is my favorite NCAA player with his short little bowed legs and adorable construction-boot-like tennis shoes.

Tennessee – because I love the beautiful scenery in Tennessee.  I also love Grant Williams.  And anyone named Admiral deserves a championship!

So there you have it.  The Deanna Day Young high-level of Bracketology.

I’ve got Tennessee bringing home the nets in the official office bracket pool but, let me just say, I wouldn’t be sad if the Black and Gold Boilers bust my bracket and claim the title!

Who’s your NCAA team of choice this Madness Season?