My wonderful husband sent me a dozen roses to me for my birthday.  They were beautiful.  I love roses.  The only problem was that I was gone so much I didn’t get to enjoy them like I wanted.  So I put them on the small table in the living room thinking I would be able to see them more.

It seems that I just kept walking past them in a rush forgetting to even look at them.  Then in my scurry, I bumped the table and the large vase rattled.  I was ashamed at how I let this fast-paced world take me away from smelling my beautiful roses.

So ……… I….stopped……..and………smelled……each ……….rose.  Awesome!

Then with that “I am going to enjoy this day and stop and smell the roses” attitude, I was driving to work and there standing next to the road in this large, frost-covered field were four beautiful deer.  Their white, fluffy tails in the air as they just stood staring at me.  I stopped the car right in the middle of that back road and just enjoyed looking at them.

These are days that make me realize how thankful I am for the simple things.
I love snow.
I love a warm fire.
I love how laundry smells after it comes out of the dryer.
I love watching a good movie under a blanket.
I love a sugar cookie candle burning.
I love my cat’s purr while she is sleeping.
I love lunch with a friend and hot chocolate with a co-worker.
I love a hot tub on a cold day and a swimming pool on a warm day.
I love my soft mattress.
I love my cozy house.
I love my wedding ring.
I love prayer.
I love helping others.
I love my family.
I love my friends.
I love you, Lord.

What simple things do you love?  Don’t forget to take time to enjoy them today!