Going on a vacation is fun.  We start by choosing our destination and then deciding whether to fly or drive, take a bus or a train.  We choose our seat, buckle in and get set for the journey to our destination.  We are looking forward to our trip!

Just like life.  The Lord brings us into this world.  We get to choose our destination for eternity – heaven or hell.   Our life is really all about that journey.  Some days we go by plane, car, bus or train.  We put our lives in control of someone else besides us – the pilot, the bus driver, the train conductor.  Even if we are driving our own vehicle, we are only in control of what we do and not what other drivers may do.

In life we really are not in control either.  God is in control.  We make choices and get to experience the results whether good or bad.  We make decisions every day whether to choose God’s way or the world’s way.  The journey is bumpy.  We have good times, bad times, sad times and frustrating times.  But through it all God is in control – leading the way to a beautiful destination.  He wants us to enjoy the journey and has great things in store for us if we will follow Him.

I urge you to please choose heaven as your destiny.  I ask you to let God be your pilot, conductor or driver.  I beg you to seek Him on each decision every day so that you don’t get off course and end up at the wrong destination.  He is your guide.  He is your compass. He is your GPS.  Let Him lead.  Choose Him.  Buckle up. Seek His direction.  Be ready for a bumpy ride.  But know if you choose heaven as your destination, and seek God as your cruise director, it will all be worth it.  Eternity in heaven ………….it’s the greatest destination for the trip of a lifetime!