I joined the Weight Watchers® program last month.  I’ve been doing pretty good at losing weight although I am a couple of pounds short of where I wanted to be today.  I weighed in last night and was really hoping for a 3-pound loss but it was only 1 pound.  I was frustrated.

But then I remembered something I read in Candace Cameron Bure’s book that said [paraphrased]  “if we said we wanted to lose a pound a week, it sounds so small.  But if we said we could lose 50 pounds in a year, that sounds really big!”  Well…..I’m not great with math but a pound a week in 52 weeks is pretty close to 50 pounds!!  So I’ll take my one pound weight loss.

I was trying to figure out why I had lost 3 pounds the week before and just 1 pound this week.  I had been pretty strict at staying within my allotted points for food but I had only exercised a couple of times this week compared to almost every day the week before.  Ahhhhh…there is it – exercise!  It really does make a difference and it takes both parts of the plan to see results.

It’s just like our Christian life.  We can be very diligent in our daily devotional and prayer time.  We can go to church every time the doors are open.  But if we don’t exercise our faith and put our trust in God, we will not see much spiritual growth.  When I think of putting my faith in God, I think of letting Him have my worries.  I think of not being so regimented about my schedule or about my plan and how I want it to all work out my way.  I think about waiting….and watching…you know, becoming a real “Wait Watcher”!  Watching Him work out His perfect plan.

For me to grow spiritually is just like me losing weight on this plan.  I have to stay committed to my food plan in my weight loss program just like I need to be fed through scripture and prayer and worship time.  And I need to exercise to see additional weight come off just like I need to exercise my faith and be a Wait Watcher.

Won’t you join the plan today?  Growing spiritually and losing the pounds of worry and control will make for a great “Wait Watchers” plan!