Have you ever seen one of those little plastic waving hands on a suction cup on the window of a vehicle and due to the movement of the vehicle the little hand continues to wave at the person behind?  It’s the “hello driver” wave.  It makes me smile.

I was on a narrow country road the other day and had to pull over before a single-lane bridge to let a vehicle pass through first.  The driver gave me a friendly “thank you” wave.

During interstate construction, people wave merging drivers in with a “you’re welcome to come on in” wave.

You see a coworker down the hall – too far to yell – and you give the friendly “how ya doin'” wave.

You see a friend across the gym at a ballgame and you give the “miss you” wave.

You’re at a baseball game and the whole crowd cheers, stands and sits for a “united together” wave around the stadium.

Peter gave Jesus a “hey you” wave when he realized it was Jesus walking on the water.  Jesus responded with a “come on out here, my friend” wave and Peter walked on the water.

Jesus is also waving at us today trying to get our attention.  He’s giving us the “I’m right here; did you forget about me” wave.  Look around and see Him waving at you in the sunrise and the sunset; the birth of a child and the birth of puppy; the brush of the wind and the sound of the thunder.  Acknowledge Him with the raising of your own hand – you know the “thank you, God. You are awesome” wave.

I challenge you to show God’s love today with friendly waves to those you meet.  It will make people smile.  It will make people wonder what you are up to! hahaha  And if they ask, then you can tell them about the “Jesus” wave!