There’s one outside the local barber shop to catch up on today’s gossip.
There’s one at the bus stop to take a load off during the wait.
There’s a few scattered around the reservoir to rest during exercise.
There’s one on the front porch and another on the back.
There’s several in the park and a few under the trees.

The Wooden Bench.

A seat compiled of several pieces of lumber.   They come in all sizes but usually one basic shape.  Some are more decorative and some are plain.  Some are stained while others are colorfully painted.

It offers a lot – this little wooden bench.

It’s not complicated but actually rather simple.

It offers rest for the body and the soul.

It invites one to visit with a friend or a stranger.

It allows one to sit solo or with another.

It is versatile because it can go anywhere.

It can be here.  It can be there.  It can be everywhere.

It is welcoming and offers only good.

It is sturdy and strong.

The Wooden Bench.

Jesus is a lot like the wooden bench.  He is simple, welcoming, inviting, provides rest for the body and the soul, supports, loves people of all sizes and colors, is a friend and welcomes strangers.  He is sturdy and unchanging.  He is here, there and everywhere.  And He is no stranger to wood.

I hope you find time to sit a while on your wooden bench.  Rest.  Relax.  Chat with a friend.  Watch the squirrels.  Find renewal and peace from the weight of the world.

And may you feel the Spirit of the Holy One sitting there with you offering eternal peace from the weight of this world….. right there at the foot of the wooden bench.