The Year of 55!

Twas the start of the New Year
And all through the house
All the Christmas decorations were down.
It was quiet as a mouse.

The goals were written
In my journal to come alive.
For the Year of Fifty-Five!

Yes, I’m going to be 55 in a few weeks.

And yes, I am a goal setter.  Sometimes I meet them and sometimes I fall short. But this year I’m doing things a little different.

If you followed my Christmas journey on Facebook, you know that I set out to do something intentional each day from Thanksgiving to Christmas to relax and be in the moment; to learn to enjoy life and find joy in each day.

With all the troubles in the world and our own personal lives, I wanted to be intentional to not lose the joy and hope I love during the Christmas season.  And for me, it was successful.  I did big things and I did simple things.

I took my nephews to a train display.  We made a gingerbread house.
I played Christmas carols on the piano all by myself in my living room.
I enjoyed the experience of a spa day with friends as an alternative for gift exchange.
I made fudge and enjoyed Christmas lights and shopping.
I was present each day in all of the season; all of life’s activities.

I found hope.
I found joy.
I found peace.

And I want that to continue.

So I created intentional goals for the next year to keep those feelings alive.

My year of 55 is going to include several things:
*55 significant acts of kindness
*55 greeting cards
*55 things that I have always wanted to do or that I enjoy doing.

I can’t wait to share some of my journey with you and pray that God will use all of us to bring joy and peace to the world in this new year!


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