Have you ever looked at your feet and thought about just how important they are?

They hold you upright.  The big toe on those feet keep you balanced.  Our feet take a beating.  We are on them a lot.  They hold a lot of weight (mine hold a lot more than other people’s feet! hahhaha)  When we carry anything of weight it adds to the stress on the feet.  We pedal bikes with our feet.  We stand, walk and run with our feet.  Feet are important limbs to our body.  Feet with a purpose.

In Bible days, the feet were one of the most important forms of transportation.  There were no trains, planes and cars.  There were no bicycles, scooters and skateboards.  The feet took a beating and were very dirty from walking the dirt roads everywhere one went.

Have you ever thought about how we could use our feet to do some of the same things that were accomplished in Bible days?  We can use our feet to spread the gospel of Christ.  We can use our feet to walk to our neighbor’s house with food – “like five loaves and two fish”.  We can use our feet to stand while making dinner for our family or getting “water from the well”.  We can use our feet to walk down the hall of a hospital to visit a friend who is sick or “lower them through a roof for Jesus to heal”.  We can use our feet to make a difference to someone everyday just like the disciples did.

I saw a segment on ESPN the other day where a guy who was born without arms threw out the first pitch at a major league baseball game with his foot.  And he did a pretty good job getting it to home plate; better than I could have done throwing with my arm.

Pedicures and foot massages are great to make our feet feel better and look pretty.  But past the appearance is a purpose.  Think about how you can use your feet – on purpose – today to be more like Jesus.  These feet aren’t just a pretty “face”……they were made for walkin’!