Have you seen the Little Women movie?

I just love going to movies but I don’t take time to go as much as I would like.  Yesterday was a great treat to meet my friend, Michelle, to see Little Women at Wolf Theatres in Greensburg.

I’ve never read the book and really didn’t know much about the story.  But this movie was awesome.  I loved every part of it.  I think if I had to choose my character, I am most like Jo.  She was the writer and the caretaker; the second oldest and enjoyed free-spirit fun.

I think I could see a little bit of my personality in each of the girls and of course in Marmee as well.  These women faced every kind of emotion known to women.

I loved that they prayed and talked about God.  There was no cursing, no sexual content, no violence.

My friend and I transferred into our “little women” selves, grabbed some popcorn and a drink, and enjoyed an afternoon with Louisa May Alcott and her Little Women.  Certainly a great day in my Year of 55.  🙂