Yesterday we went to our daughter’s white coat ceremony for the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at her college.  It was a wonderful ceremony and a great day of fun with her and her roommates and their parents and our family.

But it wasn’t all fun and relaxing up to that point.  I was very stressed trying to get clothes ironed and our daughter needed us to bring her some clothes and her desk and other things.  We had to pick up both sets of grandparents and two aunts and drop off something to my brother-in-law on the way.  Construction was terrible on one route we could take but we opted for another route and I wasn’t that familiar with that route.  We were driving two vehicles and I was worried about staying together even though we had two separate GPS’s.  I was concerned about time and getting to her apartment for her to change into the clothes we were bringing and getting to the venue in plenty of time and the traffic between her apartment and her venue.  And what if there weren’t enough seats for everyone?  I was stressing myself out and admittedly a little grouchy.

But my husband, whom we call the Voice of Reason, asked me, “what is the word you chose for 2014?”  and not realizing where he was going with this (but rather being impressed he even knew I had a word for 2014) I proudly said “Relax”.  Then he said, “why don’t you try it today?” with a smirkly little grin on his face.

So I tried.  I did pretty good until we were heading from the apartment to the college and traffic was backed up and I was nervous and running my hands through my hair.  But when we got there – 20 minutes early, I realized I needed to RELAX and enjoy this special day.  There were 100 extra seats and plenty of room for us all to sit together.  The keynote speaker was excellent.  The ceremony was so special and we had the best day with our family and getting to know Kiersten’s roommates and their families.

Outside of a silly word for the year, I was once again reminded that God is in control.  I no more had control over that traffic than an elephant did.  But God did.  God already knew this was a special day because it was a day He had made.

As I did my Bible reading this morning, I am once again reminded to be still and know that God is in control.  I’m sure he had a great day just watching me run around frantically and worry as He sat back saying, “she doesn’t even know I put the traffic there to test her.  She doesn’t even realize there are over 100 empty chairs and she’ll have one.  She doesn’t even realize how awesome this ceremony is going to be.  She doesn’t even realize I’ve got this covered.”  I’m sure He was laughing at me.

But it was a day He had made………and so is today……..and so is tomorrow………This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be glad in it!  Psalm 118;24

I have a different attitude today.  I am going to try to RELAX.  I’m going to rejoice!  And I am going to be glad all day………….check with me later and remind me again, tomorrow.  OK?