Traveling by airplane is very common and usually time efficient in today’s world.  Southwest Airlines’ trademarked slogan, “Bags fly free®” seem to draw travelers to its airline. Most airlines charge for baggage but there is no charge for your first two checked bags if you fly with Southwest.

When I hear the word “baggage” by itself though, it makes me think of negative things – like the “baggage someone carries around in their life.”

Someone may carry around the baggage of regrets – wishing they would have done things differently in their lives or in a particular situation.

Some people may carry around the baggage of disappointment – constantly thinking of the way things didn’t turn out like they had hoped or how someone failed to meet their expectations.

Some people may carry around the baggage of unforgiveness – holding on to grudges over something someone did that hurt them and refusing to forgive and move on.

Some people may carry around the baggage of victim mentality – feeling that everyone is out to get them and that all bad things happen to them and they can never get a break.

Some people on the other hand may carry around more positive baggage – such as the baggage of gratitude and thankfulness or baggage that contains the fruits of the spirit – love, peace, patience, kindness, joy, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control. (Galatians 5:22-23).

I would challenge you today to think about what baggage you want to take on this journey through LIFE.  You can only take the baggage that is free – the ones that give us the “free”dom in Christ; the bags that produce Christ’s love and show the fruits of having the Spirit of God in us freeing us from the weight of the world.

I challenge you to leave the baggage at the cross that holds disappointment, forgiveness, hurt, anger and a victim mentality. God doesn’t want you to take those on this journey. He wants you to be able to take only the things that are free – only the things that don’t weigh you down.

“Now everyone take your seats and put on the full armour of God.  Please stow the Sword of the Spirit in the compartments of your heart.  Place your Bible in the upright position.  Turn off all negative devices.  And be sure  your belts of truth are securely fastened.   We should be ready for our jouney at any time.”