I love clocks.  As I sit writing this morning I hear “tick tock” all around me.  Clocks are singing with their own tune of “tick tock”.  I have a collection of wall clocks on the bulk head above the columns that separate my living room and dining room.  I have clocks that remind me of our travels or was given to me by friends who knew of my collection.

I have a clock in the shape of a surf board from California.  I have a clock in the shape of Elvis that I got from Memphis and he does his little “hip moves” at the tick of each second.  I have a clock with flip flops from South Carolina and one with Mickey Mouse from Florida.  I have a very cool one in the shape of an old time camera and the pendulum is a roll of film.  I have an odd shaped clock and one my friend got me with the Saints emblem because we liked Drew Brees.  (That was before he beat the Colts in the Super Bowl. hahahaha)

We live by time, don’t we?  We race against it all day long.  Our cars show it.  Our phones show it. Our watches show it.  Our television shows it.   Our microwaves show it.  We have clocks in every room in our house so we don’t miss one second of a scheduled minute.

But the most important time is one that is yet to be told.  It’s not on anyone’s schedule and the hour is yet to be known.  It’s the time of Christ’s return to this earth to gather up His believers and take them home to heaven with Him.

In Matthew 24:36, Jesus says that no one knows the day or the hour when He will return, not even the angels or Jesus himself – only God knows.   He goes on in verse 44 to remind us to be ready because the Son of Man will come at a time when we don’t expect Him.  In the gospel of Mark, Jesus warns us to keep watch and be ready.

Our time is important to us.  With every tick and every tock, seconds are gone.  We want to use our time on earth wisely and be ready for Christ when He returns.  Love our family.  Love our friends.  Enjoy our hobbies and our travels.  Love those who are not easy to love.  Show Christ to all those around us.  But more than anything, accept Jesus as your personal Savior and live each hour for Him so that when that appointed tick tock of the clock comes, our hearts will be ready and our clocks can be thrown away!