Isn’t it frustrating when you are watching a good show and it gets to the end and a big banner comes across the screen…”to be continued”?

UGHHH.  Everyone in the room moans with frustration.  It leaves you longing for more.  More of the drama.  More of the adventure.  More of the comedy.  It needs an ending.

But yet we enjoyed it so much that we WANT it to continue.  There is something about a storyline that we believe needs a final ending.  We watch series of shows for season after season anticipating the “season finale”.  And if the series is ending and there is a “grand finale” there is a huge build up to that big day.

It’s funny that sometimes we are scared about our life season finale.  It’s kind of crazy to think that we wouldn’t want to live happily ever after in our heavenly home like we long to see in the season finales.  Our life here on earth is full of adventure, drama, heartaches, laughter, and great memories.  But there’s more to be continued.  There’s more that is so much greater in the season finale of our lives and it never ends.  It’s beauty and joy and sunshine and streets of gold forever and ever… continuous.  It’s heaven and you’ll want to be there.

The end of our life on earth is not the end.  It’s the biggest “to be continued” decision of our lives.  I hope you make the decision to follow Jesus and live for Him so that you can enjoy the happily ever after in heaven.

And THAT, my friend, is the perfect ending to a never-ending, to-be-continued, everlasting life.

**To continue on our 21 day journey of JOY see Day #2 below.

Day #2 – Thankful Journey – I am thankful for the peace of a quiet morning.

Day #2 – Kindness Journey – send a card to someone who needs a little pick-me-up.

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