Life is precious.  We want to know everything we can to be prepared should we have to try to save a life.  We learn all kinds of techniques to make sure we don’t feel helpless if we come across a situation where a life is in danger.

We may learn CPR, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and the Heimlich maneuver, We learn how to put pressure on a cut, use a tourniquet and whether or not to leave the object in a puncture wound while rushing to the Emergency Room.

We train how to use an Epipen® injector if someone has a life-threatening allergic reaction and how to use the NarCan® drug if someone has overdosed.

We research rehab facilities to learn which one is best to help overcome addictions.  We support Alcoholics Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery programs to help with a lifetime of continued desires to go back to the thing that might kill you.

We learn to be prepared and armed with every maneuver and every option that might save a life.

Are we also prepared to speak words of love to those people whose spiritual life needs to be saved?  Just like with the procedures and tangible things listed above, we don’t do the actual saving; we just administer the thing that can.  We are God’s vessel to share Jesus with the world, with those we come in contact with.  We administer the words and God does the saving.

People are dying inside everyday because they don’t have HOPE.  Jesus IS THAT HOPE.  A relationship with Jesus IS what living forever in eternity is all about.

Today – do something that might save a life.  Tell someone about Jesus.