Peanut butter and jelly.
Salt and pepper.
Lock and key.
Raggedy Ann and Andy.
Soup and salad.
Soap and water.
Adam and Eve.
Sock and shoe.
Popcorn and candy.
Shirt and tie.
Fork and spoon.
Cat and mouse.
Macaroni and cheese.
East and West.
Left and Right.

Words that go together.  If playing a word game I bet most people would know the matching word.  It’s just natural words that seem to go together.  Hand and glove.  Horse and buggy.

Heaven and earth.  WAIT.  They don’t go together.  Maybe in a word game.  But not in real life.  We live on this earth to serve the Lord but so much sin and evil gets in our way.  We have so many problems.  So much brokenness, hurt and anger.  But when we separate heaven and earth and see all the negative on earth and realize how none of that will be present in heaven, we can’t imagine life on earth without the hope of heaven.

Hammer and Nail – crucified our Lord.
Thunder and Lightening – told the world “it is finished”.
Sticks and Stones- could not hold Jesus in the grave.
Heart and Soul – what we give to Jesus forever.

Won’t you give your Heart and Soul to Jesus so He can forgive your sins from East to West so you can have Hope and Happiness in heaven forever?  Come on, let’s go together forever….like Tigger & Pooh!  Or Mickey and Minnie!  Or Batman and Robin!  Or…..well you get the idea!