Toilet Paper.

Over or Under?

If you don’t even understand this question then you are definitely a “roll with it” person.  For those who get it, I bet it bothers you if the paper rolls in the opposite direction.  Is that true?

Have you ever reached for the toilet paper and was thankful it rolled your preferred way?

Or better yet have you ever changed the way it rolls at home, a friend’s house or even in public?

My answer to the questions above are: Over and YES, YES and YES!

It’s crazy how something so simple as a toilet paper roll can get us all bent out of shape.  And as you are reading this you may be smiling or even laughing – either because it’s so ridiculous you can’t believe people argue over this or that you have been there and are now seeing how trivial it is.

Whichever way you roll, I want you to think about living at peace today without worrying about the little things.  Just OVERlook the things that really won’t matter in a year from now (or even an hour from now) and be more UNDERstanding of others.

Start to today, just one day at a time, to relax and really focus and what matters and not on the petty things.  I think you’ll see how much better life can be when we just ROLL with it!