Sometimes I think in life we are kinder to the strangers we come in contact with than we are to our own family.  Our family sees the real us!  They see the good, the bad and sometimes even the UGLY!

Jesus was kind to everyone He met. He did not discriminate between the rich and the poor; the sick and the healthy; the righteous and the sinful.

Challenge #2 – be kind to a family member today.  Do something extra special for them.

Make your husband’s favorite cookies.
Do the dishes for your wife.
Pick up the kids’ toys for them instead of making them do it.
Give your mom flowers.
Make dinner for your dad.
Do a chore for your brother or sister.
Write a thank you note to your parents.
Babysit your niece or nephew and let your sister or brother have a little time to themselves.
Visit grandparents and just sit and talk.

Think of something you would like someone to do for you……….then do it for a family member.

Let the KINDNESS spread and continue every day……………………….