Cards. Cards. And More Cards.

Christmas cards used to flood our home.  I have a little metal Christmas tree that has slots in it to hold cards.  Growing up we would tape our Christmas cards around the door frame for decorations.  They were simple cards that just had a “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” greeting with a brief update on what was going on with the family at the moment.  My sister and I loved going to the mailbox to see how many cards we would get.  We looked at the front and read the verse on the inside and took the time to tape them up next to yesterday’s cards.

I am getting fewer cards in the mail these days.  It’s okay because I don’t send many.  Postage is ridiculously expensive.  Then you have the decision as to where you draw the line on recipients; “do I send to those I see every day”; “do I wait and send one to those who send me one”; “do I keep last year’s cards and send to only those who sent them out last year”?

Then the “keeping-up-with-the-Joneses” mind-set creeps in.  Should I have premade cards or regular cards?  Should I have a newsletter capturing all the good things we did this past year?  But I didn’t keep good notes on what I did!  Should I write the newsletter by month?  Or should I write it by family member?  Should I get a card that has our picture ON it or should I enclose a picture?

Who would have ever thought that the art of sending a card could have become so tedious and full of so much pressure!

Your Christmas Kindness challenge today is to go back to the old-school way of thinking and pull out a plain old Christmas card.  Nothing fancy.  Pictures or newsletters do not need to be included.  Instead think of someone who has had a rough year; someone who has lost a loved one and will have sadness during the season; someone who has been sick or had cancer or surgery.  Someone who needs to know people care……someone who needs to know YOU care.  Tell them in the card you are thinking of them this season and then as you seal the envelope say a silent prayer for the Lord to give them peace during this Christmas season.

Merry Writing!