Food consumption seems to increase tremendously between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I read the other day where people gain an average of 5 pounds during the holidays.  I find that I bake more and cook bigger meals while my girls are home and we are snuggled in with the Christmas decorations glowing and Hallmark movies playing.  I buy more Little Debbie® snack cakes and chips and dip during this time, too as if somehow I deserve this extra food during the holidays that “brings me great JOY”.

Preparing and consuming extra food and snacks can really increase the supermarket tab.  Grocery stores know exactly how to market the baking items during this season, too.  They have  “baking displays” that have all the things we need in one place and we tend to buy more than we really need because it’s there and we think we may need it in the future.

For those who may struggle with grocery bills during the year, this pressure can increase during the holidays and the additional commitments to bake and cook can cause a hardship on the budget.

Day 9 of the Twelve Days of Christmas Kindness challenge is to buy a gift card for the local grocery store or a gift basket of food and send it or deliver it to someone who could use a little extra help with the food bill during Christmas.  Anonymous gifts are always the best kind to give………..and to receive!

Which reminds me……..thank you to the anonymous little Christmas Elf who left me the “iBelieve” gifts.  Each year I get a gift with my favorite word, BELIEVE, on it and after several years I still have no idea who it is……….it’s actually very cool and I appreciate it!

Happy eating……….and grocery shopping…….and food gift giving!