The balloons are released at the start of the 5K.  Up, Up and Away!!

The airplane taxis down the runway and slowly ascends to the skies to a tropical destination.
Up, Up and Away!!

The tethers from the hot air balloon are released.  Up, Up and Away!!

My mind wanders from the meeting at hand and goes to my plans for tonight.
Up, Up and Away!!

Colorful, beautiful fireworks mark the end of a successful baseball victory.  Up, Up and Away!!

Jesus died, was buried, but arose again to ascend into heaven.  Up, Up and Away!!

Our sins can be forgiven – no matter what we have done – if we just ask Him to forgive.
Up, Up and Away!

Enjoy happiness and freedom from worry and fear when we give our cares to the Lord.
Up, Up and Away!

Join me on this daily journey of giving it all away to enjoy the freedom of surrender.
Nothing feels better than Up, Up and Away!