Several years ago I used to work with a production company who produced Country Music shows.  I would drive artists and their staff to and from the hotels to the venues for their performances and do other errands requested by the production company.  When I worked those shows, I always had a VIP pass to be able to have “all access”.

I admit I was in awe of the celebrities and all that went into these productions.  It was cool to be able to be considered a VIP and have access backstage.  But after a while, I realized these people were just normal people like you and me.  I realized that I wasn’t really a VIP to those people.  I didn’t need to find my identity working backstage for a celebrity show.

I would come home to my husband and my two girls and realize I was a VIP to them no matter what I did – whether I was doing laundry, cleaning house, cooking dinner, playing Barbie® dolls or making cookies.

I realized I was already a Very Important Person (VIP) to the Almighty One.  God had already stamped me permanently with a VIP tag because I was one of His.  I would always be a VIP to Him.

So do NOT put your worth in WHO you are or HOW important you think you are.  Put your worth in WHOSE you are…….you are a VIP of the King!  All you need is a simple relationship with the One who paid the price for your eternity in heaven!  Come on backstage with Jesus…… pass needed….you are already a VIP!!