I love the fashion blog, Grace & Beauty.  Cyndi Spivey has some cute ideas for fashion and she always includes a short encouraging devotion and Bible verse that seems to resonate with me each day.  I am always looking up fashion ideas on Pinterest and “pinning” outfits that I like.  I enjoy reading about the next big splash of color in both the fashion and the decorating world.

One of the things I read stated that horizontal stripes can make a person look “wider”.  I don’t have a lot of outfits with stripes and I don’t think I have any with horizontal stripes.  I certainly don’t want to look wider!

We know the saying “stars and stripes” which refers to the American flag.  Many soldiers wear those symbolic “stripes” in their heart and visible “stripes” of physical wounds as they live with sacrifices made for our country.

We know Jesus had stripes on his body as He was whipped on the cross while He was dying for our sins.

When thinking of “stripes” this way, they become about sacrifice – a badge of honor.   Stripes on the flag; stripes from emotional and physical wounds from sacrifice.  It gives a different meaning to how we “wear stripes”.

What stripes do we wear today for Christ?  Do we sacrifice anything for Him or do we just want the easiest way?  The sacrificial stripes coming from serving and defending Christ won’t make you look wider.  They aren’t a no-no in the fashion world.  Stripes we wear for Christ make us stronger; bring us closer to Him.

Stripes.  Worn with honor.  For the one who wore them on the cross.  What stripes will you wear for Him today?