Have you ever played this game?  Whack-a-Mole?  You seriously just keep pounding these moles back down into their hole with a big ole hammer and they keep popping their ugly heads up and you have to keep on pounding them back down.  It can be intense, frustrating and a continuous nag until the game time is over and you start a new game!

This reminds me of the devil.  He just keeps popping up in all different directions and from all kinds of places and I don’t know which one he is coming into next and I just keep trying to smack him down and be on the lookout and try to stay one step ahead of him.  It gets intense.  It gets frustrating and he just keeps popping his ugly head up all over the place.  I try to take care of him by myself and then I remember……I HAVE THE BIGGEST HAMMER IN THE WORLD!

Jesus is right there waiting for you to come over and pick Him up and let Him help you “whack the mole” right down into the depths of hell.

Don’t try to handle problems on your own.  Grab the big ole hammer and WHACK A MOLE right down in the hole he came from.  Because in the end…………you win!!

*Reprinted from Bucket Buddies Mission blog from October, 2014.