It seems easy to trust God on Sundays doesn’t it?  We come from church after a moving worship time and a good word from the pastor.  It’s a day of rest and we feel peace and a closeness to God.  It’s Super Sunday!  All is well with my soul and the whole wide world and I trust God with my whole heart and I’m going to do that every day for the rest of my life!

Then we wake up to Mundane Monday.  Same ole stuff………another L-O-N-G week ahead.  The devil is sitting at the doorstep waiting for you to open the door so he can pounce on you.  The peace is fading.  God seems further away.  My soul doesn’t seem so well today.  My trust turns to worry.

We cannot let that happen……but it seems easy to slip into this mode.  But today is TRUST-HIM TUESDAY!  And we are going to try very hard to TRUST the Lord with all our heart and not worry. Proverbs 3:5 – Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

I read the Jesus Calling devotional each morning and it really speaks to me almost every single day.  Yesterday was about TRUST and refusing to worry.  I needed it because my Mundane Monday was a doozey!  The author, Sarah Young, reminds us to bring our mind back to the present moment and not use our “magnificent mind to worry about tomorrow”.

It’s hard for us to not worry because the world and the devil give us many things to worry about.  If we focus on Who gives us strength and Who holds our hand and Who knows the future, then we will grab each thought and hold it captive and keep our focus on the Lord.

Go read your Bible. Pray. Sing out loud.  Eat some chocolate. Have lunch with a friend. Call your family. Play with your pet.  Leave all the worries behind and have a terrific TRUST-HIM TUESDAY!  Who knows what the week holds????  Maybe a WORRY-FREE WEDNESDAY or a THIRST-FOR-GOD THURSDAY, or a FREEDOM FRIDAY!!