We were going for a short walk midday to break up the stiffness of sitting at our desk, starring at a computer screen.  My friend pulled out her phone on our little venture to show me pictures of her grandchildren.

I squinted and said, “Oh I wish I could see it better but I don’t have my glasses.”

She stopped mid-stride and starred at me.

“What?”  I said.

“Your glasses are in the hand you are holding the phone with.”

We both had a good laugh.  How silly was I?

But how many times do we do the same thing with God?  We ask and we ask for Him to work in our lives; to let us see His presence; to show us signs that He is who He says He is and that He created everything and is in charge of it all.

But He’s already doing that.  We have that ability just waiting for us to take the “glasses from our hands and place them on our spiritual eyes.”

His Word promises.  We see Him in the beauty of the crisp fall leaves and the changing of the crops in the field.  We see Him work in miracles of healing and of the birth of a baby.  We see Him move mountains that no human could ever move.  We see Him work in our lives every single day.

At any given time, I usually have 2-3 pair of cheap reading glasses lying around my house or in my purse or one pair on my head and one pair in my hand at the same time!!  All I need to do is put them on.

We need to put on the spiritual glasses of faith.  Focus on God.  Focus on His positive ways.  Look for Him.   He’s given us clear vision through faith.  I want to see His works all around me.  No more squinting.  I want to see Him clearly.

Where’s your glasses?