Christmas cards so merry and bright.
Christmas cards a beautiful sight.

Some with pictures from family and friends.
Some with letters telling us where all they’ve been.

All with good wishes for a holiday so grand.
And for those who didn’t get cards sent, a yearly hope to give it a try again!

I look at the cards we receive with good cheer,
With a promise to start earlier to send mine out next year.

I try to send cards to those far away,
And to those who will be spending Christmas without loved ones this day.

We display these cards for all to see.
Along the mantel, in the doorway, under the tree.

But when all is over and the decorations put away,
What do we do with these cards that were on display?

I read an idea, one I’m going to try.
You place the cards in a basket and keep close to the eye.

A card you select, one a day.
And for that person or family, it’s your day to pray.

It will be fun to see God’s blessings unfold.
And humble to have the honor to pray as we are told.

I’m anxious to hear what you do with your cards.
Maybe this idea I am recycling will give you a start.

As we remember the Christmas that is now in the past.
May your New Year bring lots of blessings and daily prayer rituals that will last.