Some days.

How about you?  Are there just some days you feel like throwing in the towel and screaming “what’s the use?”

Over the years, I’ve felt that way with picking up toddler toys, getting teenagers to stop rolling their eyes, making to-do lists for what turns out to be a multi-interruption Saturday and fighting the crashing waves of corporate in my job and every day events of life.

But I must admit, “this too shall pass” came to fruition.  My kids overcame the eye rolling and leaving their belongings on the floor.  Now I miss it.  I long to have them back home in the innocent stages.  Now my Saturdays are much free-er and I sorta crave the drop-by visits of friends to interrupt the long list of hopeful to dos.  I learned a lot during the frustrating days of my job and have grown to really use those lessons to be a better employee.  And I intentionally look for joy in the crazy events of each day.

But the one that seems to be getting worse is the ways of this world.  Every day it seems the devil shows himself deeper and deeper and starts to infiltrate himself into every aspect of life.  He thinks he is winning by causing chaos in the church, the schools, the government, the family and the freedom of our country.  But I am here to assure you that Jesus says, “I have overcome the world!” (John 16:33).

This world certainly has trouble.  All the chaos the devil is causing seems impossible to overcome but when we know Jesus, we have peace.

Revelations 17:14 says:  “They [the enemy] will make war against the Lamb [Jesus], but the Lamb will overcome them because he is Lord of lords and King of kings – and with Him will be His called, chosen and faithful followers.”

We are HIS FOLLOWERS.  If you know Jesus, you are His followers.  We are chosen.  Jesus is going to overcome evil and all the devil’s chaos in this world.

Today, my heart is aching for those who don’t know Jesus.  I don’t want anyone to live in chaos and turmoil.  No matter what this world brings.  No matter what the media tells us.  No matter what evil people do and what the devil sneaks into the corners of our world, he will not win.  He will spend eternity in hell; in fire and burning and torture forever and ever and ever.  There will be no end.  We must know Jesus in order to avoid that eternal torture as well.

I try to always be positive in my writing.  And God has laid this writing on my heart today.  I find so much comfort in this Peace.  I want all people to have this Peace.  I want the world to have this Peace.  I want chaos exchanged for this Peace.

Jesus is that Peace.

What’s the use?


Don’t give in.  Don’t give up.  Know Jesus.  Know Peace.

Because if we do, we win in the end!