You know the story of David and Goliath, the giant?  David is a small shepherd who tends his father’s sheep but offers to go up against a Philistine man who is over nine feet tall and was a big bully!  David hears the Israelite people talking among themselves about how big this guy is and how they are scared of these people.  David explains to King Saul that he has gone up against lions and bears who have attacked his sheep and that God has delivered him from these animals safely and that he trusts God to deliver him from the giant in victory.

Saul agrees to let him go but he must wear a coat of armor and a helmet and a sword.  But David wasn’t used to all of this garb and told Saul he couldn’t go out and fight the giant with all this stuff because he wasn’t used to it.  So he took 5 stones and a sling shot and went out to face the Philistine.  After much mocking from the Philistine giant, David told him that the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, was on David’s side and the Lord will hand him over to David.

And as you probably already know, that is exactly what happened.  David took out a stone and shot the nine foot giant man in the forehead and killed him.

What is your Giant?  What is the nine-foot thing that you are afraid of and that just keeps mocking you?  Is it someone?  Is it something?

What are you afraid to face?  Is it a broken relationship that needs mending?  Is it something physical that needs addressed like an unhealthy eating habit or weight loss?  Or maybe it’s an alcohol or prescription drug addiction.  Maybe it’s illegal drugs or abuse of some kind.  Maybe it’s the realization that it’s time to make some big decisions in the job you are in or the friendships that you are keeping.  Maybe God is calling you to do something that seems way too big for you to face.

Whatever it is today, I encourage you to pick up your stones, grab the hand of the One who can deliver you, and face your giant.  It’s time.  You’ve been putting it off too long.  You can’t do it by yourself.  You need help and the God of the universe is waiting to help you.

Pick up your slingshot, put in the stone, fire!  Think about it.  Pray about it.  Identify it.  Attack it.  TODAY – Face your Giant.  I know you, like David, can do it, with God’s help and a little stone of faith!