There are days I wake up in a good mood.  There are days I wake up worrying about something.  There are days I wake up feeling depressed.  There are days I wake up feeling tired and lazy.  There are days I wake up energized and ready to hit the day running.  I never really know how I will wake up but I strive to make the day a good one and stay positive the best I can.

Recently,  I was in a great mood as we were going to visit our daughter in college and take her out to dinner.  I was very excited to see her.  In the next minute, I got to thinking about all the things I should be doing at home and got a little anxious.  We also were running about 15 minutes later than I told her that we would be there and I was getting a little stressed.

While having dinner, she was telling us stories about her day and her classes, etc.  We laughed one minute; then gave her advice another.  Then I started worrying about certain things and praying that her life would be enjoyable, her classes easy, that she would have great friends and have a good year.

On our way home I got overwhelmed thinking about a lot going on in my life with friends and family being sick, problems of friends and family, looking ahead to stresses at work, and I got really sick to my stomach.

Then I remembered something I read recently that when you get distracted just think about Jesus.  Just say His name.  The reading suggested that our assignment was to collaborate with God in the training process of finding peace with Him at all times.  Our mind goes off on tangents all day long because that’s how we as humans operate.  We have so many things going at once.  This world is fast-paced and in a mess.  But when we have messy days, we need to find calm and peace from within and that peace is only found in the presence of Jesus.

He isn’t worried one minute, stressed another, overwhelmed or anxious.  He doesn’t get sick from not being in control or have His mind wandering away from the focus of peace.  He doesn’t wonder what kind of mood He will have from day to day.  NO!  He IS the peace.  He IS the calm in the storm.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  (Hebrews 13:8).

I am so glad we, too can have that stability and peace by focusing on Him.  I just need to remember who is in control and who brings peace…..especially when the alarm goes off and I wake up…in WHATEVER mood the morning brings!  Emoji