I am a 7 with an 8-Wing.

Enneagram.  The latest and greatest personality test.

Have you ever taken a personality test?

They are very interesting.  One test defined me as a “yellow”.  Another test defined me as a “7” and yet another gave me some combo of numbers and letters.

The end result?  They all peg me about right.  A 7 is titled “The Enthusiast”.  It is defined in the Enneagram system as:  The busy, variety-seeking type, optimistic, versatile, spontaneous, high-spirited, extroverted, and curious with a sense of adventure.

That’s me to a tee.  I am very optimistic sometimes to a fault of refusing to see anything but the good in a situation; never allowing my mind to go to anything bad which is not always good because I sometimes refuse to see reality.  I tease my husband of being pessimistic and he just quietly counters with, “I’m a realist”.

I love spontaneity.  You can call me at 5:30 to meet for dinner at 6 and I’ll be there.  But I also like to plan a fun party for 10 – given a couple days notice.

Sevens are also considered, by the Enneagram scale, as highly verbal (no wise cracks about my talking. haha)  And their minds move rapidly from one idea to the next as they are exhilarated by the rush of ideas and the excitement of the initial stages of the creative process. (What a great way to counter the menopausal-forgetfulness trait.  haha)

That’s a lot to take in but it pretty much sums me up.  My mind is never still.

But the other side of being a 7 is that when they become stressed, they suddenly become perfectionistic.  (Big word for me, I know).  The description also says that 7’s are compelled to stay on the go, moving from one experience to the next because if they are still too long, anxiety and negative thoughts start to occur.

How does this little test spit out results that know me so well?

These tests are fun.  It’s fun to see how the results define you.  It’s fun to see how others’ results define them and it’s fun to be conscientious of these characteristics.

They are good to see how to deal with others and why others think differently than us.  I’ve used this valuable personality information to know how to deal with coworkers and committee team members.

But none of it means anything if you can’t identify as having a relationship with Jesus.  You can be as spontaneous and free-spirited as the wind but if you don’t know Jesus, it’ s all for nothing.

I encourage you to take the Enneagram test.  There are many free ones that you can find online.  Or just search for “Enneagram results” and read the descriptions and pick out which number you think you are.  It’s fascinating.

But make sure that whatever your number,  you start with your foundation in Christ.

Free-spirited, spontaneous, extroverted and adventurous.

Loved, forgiven, saved and chosen.

Yes I am a 7.  And yes, I am a child of God.