I really like the movie Last Holiday with Queen Latifah.  It’s about a gal who worked as a clerk in a retail store and lived in a very poor part of town.  She was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor and found out she had 3 weeks to live.  She quit her job, cashed in all her stocks and bonds and went to live the life she had dreamed of living.  She traveled to Prague and ran into the greedy CEO of her retail company but didn’t tell him she worked for his company.  Of course as the story goes, he learns from her and becomes a better person just as …………(wait for it)……..she was misdiagnosed with a faulty CT Scan machine.  She has met the love of her life in the meantime and opens a restaurant she had always dreamed of opening.

During the movie she says to the CEO, “when is enough enough?”  and his response is “enough is never enough.”  But as the movie goes on he realizes money can’t buy his happiness and he needs to change his attitude and the way he treats people.  He realizes that whatever he has really is enough.

How many gifts are enough at Christmas time?  How much money is enough to spend on each person on our list?  When do we stop racing around and trying to keep up with what the world expects us to do?  Cards, Christmas letters, gifts, cookies, fudge, parties, trees, lights, toys, gingerbread houses, concerts.

My question for you today is this:  When is “enough enough” for us?

God sent His Son as the perfect gift.  He was not born with trees and lights and gingerbread houses.  He was born in a barn with cow poop and sheep slobber and smelly straw.   It was enough.  So if God sent Jesus into this world in this way and it was enough, then He is enough for us.

Keep your focus on the reason for the season and realize when enough is enough.  Stop before it gets TOO MUCH.  Trees, lights, gingerbread houses, cards, and gifts are all good things……….but don’t let that take over your Christmas.  Don’t get so exhausted that you don’t enjoy the season.  Remember no matter what you do or what you have, Jesus is ENOUGH!