It’s amazing really how these feet and these shoes can take me so many places.  Just today they’ve taken me to the treadmill, the kitchen, the shower, the office and the living room.

Later on they will take me to my car, to lunch with a friend, to the grocery store and back to the comfort of my home.

They can walk.
They can run.
They can skip.

They can take me in the right direction.
They can take me in the wrong direction.

They can lift me up or be taken out from under me.
They can help me climb high or go down low.

They can push and pull and twist and stretch.

But no matter what they do, they are attached to ME.  They lead ME.

If they go to the laundry room, I go there.
If they go to the office, I go there.
If they go to McDonalds, I go there.

My feet lead me.

You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach that says “this isn’t the right direction”?

You know when you feel like you shouldn’t gossip but you get up and those feet take you to the next office and you do it anyway all the while feeling that tug in your heart “don’t do it.  don’t do it”?

You can let your feet metaphorically take you in the right direction and you can let them take you in the wrong direction.

It’s your choice but whatever you do, let them take you straight to the One whose feet has a scar through the middle of it; the One whose feet walked miles to help other people know salvation; the One whose feet walked on water.

If your feet are headed in the wrong direction, it’s never too late to change them.  Just turn those feet around and walk back to the path of the next right thing. Forgiveness is free and Jesus offers it to everyone.

So let’s pick up those shoes and do this thing together………..one little step at a time.