Do you remember the song from Snow White – Whistle While You Work?

The words go like this:
Just whistle while you work
And cheerfully together we can tidy up the place
So hum a merry tune
It won’t take long when there’s a song to help you set the pace
And as you sweep the room
Imagine that the broom is someone that you love
And soon you’ll find you’re dancing to the tune
When hearts are high the time will fly so whistle while you work

I know… now you will have that little jingle in your head all day!!

I was thinking about this as I was ironing.  I thought about how many times I am working and instead of whistling, I am praying.

When I drive I usually pray – with my eyes open of course – hahaha.
When I am ironing, I pray.
When I am in the shower, I pray.
When I run the sweeper, I pray.
When I wash dishes, I pray.

Now I’m not saying I pray all the time and every single time I do chores of any kind, but I didn’t realize how many opportunities I have to pray until I was thinking about this song and praying while I was working.

A lot of times our busy schedules don’t allow us to spend a lot of time in prayer and we end up slacking in this area of our life.  If we could think about praying every time we are “idle” then maybe our prayer life will improve and we will be so full of joy we might just start whistling!