The older I get, the more I look like my mother.  I’m certainly not complaining about that.  I think my mom is beautiful both inside and out.  I can only hope to be half the woman, wife and mother she is.

When I look at pictures, I see the resemblance.  Even our feet are made the same.  But sometimes I catch myself thinking, acting or saying things just like my mom.  I look back on the days of my kids growing up and when I had a day off work, I always made cookies for the girls to have when they got home from school – just like my momma did.

When my kids were younger, we made homemade Christmas cards, wrapping paper, cookies and gingerbread houses – a lot of the same things my mom did with me growing up.

When I had to discipline the girls or give them advice, I wasn’t always as good as my mom was.  My mom is a great listener and then gives her opinion only when asked and does it with great grace yet firm instruction and discipline.   I don’t ever remember getting bad advice or direction or correction from my mother.

I find myself making our girls special meals and treats when they are home just like my mom always did when I came home from college and how she still does now 30 years later.  There’s just something about food that we use to show our love to our daughters.

But most importantly I see my mom follow Jesus and show the true Christian witness.  I strive everyday to be more like Jesus and I fail miserably.  But I am so thankful that He forgives me and gives me another chance.  Just like my mom did.

Do you look or act like one of your parents?  Sometimes that’s good and sometimes that’s not so good.  But when we strive to “look” more like our Heavenly Father, then we know we’re on the right track.

Get out your Bible and look for your ancestry tree in the pages of scripture and find your roots in the foundation of the cross and the One who died for you yet rose to live again.  I hope when I grow up, I can look just like Jesus.