Last night as I was went to bed, I prayed for my kids, my family, my friends’ kids, my friends, our pastor and several other issues weighing heavy on my heart.  I found myself praying for groups of people – all those fighting in the military, all those suffering with cancer, all those who have lost loved ones and all those in prisons or local jails.

Then it hit me hard.

What about those who have no one to pray for them?  The people and groups I was praying for were people I knew or had a connection to in some way.  But what about those people who have no one who is praying for them?!

It made my chest heavy.  I almost couldn’t breathe.  I have friends and parents who pray for me.  My kids have friends and parents who pray for them.  My parents have friends and kids and grandkids who pray for them.  We have a great church who will pray for anyone and everyone when identified.

There are people who are dedicated to pray for our world, our country and our state.

There are people who are dedicated to praying in prisons, local jails and hospitals.

There are people who are dedicated to praying for the military and those fighting for freedom.

But what about the person who is addicted to alcohol, who may be sitting homeless on a street during a rainstorm with no family and abandoned by friends.  Is there someone who is praying for them?  Someone praying for them to get the proper help to overcome their addiction?  Is anyone praying for them to find peace and to find the Lord?

We pray specifically for our friends, family and those we are connected to through something and we pray for God to touch their lives.  We beg God to make a change.

But let’s not get too high on that pedestal and break our arm patting ourselves on the back.  It’s easy to pray for those who we are connected to.  Let’s look around and find someone we are not.  Find someone who may have no one going to the Father on their behalf begging for Him to heal them physically or spiritually.  And then pray as hard for them as you would your own kid; your own parent; your own friend.

We want no one left behind.  No one left unprayed for.  How sad to have no one praying for you.  Who ya prayin’ for today?

1 Timothy 2:1 – I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone.