It’s only a commercial.  But it’s a powerful one.

At least to me.

It stars Houston Texan’s Defensive End, JJ Watt.  It’s a Gatorade® commercial.  In it, JJ says “Find a rival.  Someone committed to taking you down.”

He’s talking to athletes and encouraging them to work hard to beat the rival.  To do everything in their power to win this battle of competition.

I say, Satan is our rival.

Satan is committed to taking us down.  We have to work hard to win this battle.  We have to stay committed.  We need to grit our teeth and stay the course.  We need to do the work to be prepared for battle.

In Ephesians 6:10-20, Paul talks about the Armor of God.  These verses are the secret to fighting the rival; to staying on course; to doing the work to be ready for battle.

We need the Sword of the Spirit which is God’s word.  We need to be reading the Bible every single day.  We need to do more than just a verse here or there.  We need to be studying it.  We need to find out how to use this valuable book of instructions so that we can get stronger than our rival.  So we can be prepared to fight AND WIN this battle against the devil.

Each day this week, we will look at one more piece of armor to fight this rival.

JJ Watt says “That rival that wants to take you down is gonna make you raise your game even higher.”

Our rival, Satan, wants to take us down.  But that should make us raise our game even higher.  That should make us dig into God’s word even deeper.  He won’t win this battle.  We are using God’s Word to get stronger and stronger.

Rival….you’re going down!