I’m sure you’ve run across people in your lifetime who think they are smarter than they really are.   They think they know a little bit (or a lot) about everything.  They try to “one up” everyone on every story told or every fact presented.  They just want to be someone important so they pretend to be wiser than you.

Most of the time, this “wise guy” will do whatever it takes to make himself look better; to remain the one who is smarter than anyone else; who has all the information; who is the go-to person.  But in reality, they are just faking their way and are actually very insecure and jealous.

Matthew 2 tells us about a wise guy who was ruler over Judea.  King Herod had heard rumblings that there was another King who had been born and he was very disturbed.  Jealousy began creeping in and he wanted to know where this baby was located.

Matthew 2:7 says that Herod secretly called the Wise Men, as we know them – also called Magi, to find out information about when the star appeared because they were experts in astrology.  I wonder if one reason he called them in secretly was so no one would know that he wasn’t as smart as he pretended to be?!

Then Herod instructed the Wise Men to go and search carefully based on their wisdom of the stars and locate the new king.  Insecure King Herod lied and said he wanted to come and worship the baby King as well.

The Wise Men followed the star as they were being guided by God and scripture tells us when they arrived, they bowed down and worshiped this baby boy and brought very expensive gifts to give to the family.   Of course, we see later that God intervened and sent the Magi back to their country a different route after they worshipped baby Jesus so that Herod would not be told where the King of the World could be found.

The Magi were very “wise men” as they followed God’s guidance from the star and from the dream.  We also see that King Herod tried to be the “wise guy” but God prevailed.  When we struggle and can’t find our way, let’s remember to reach out to the One who can guide us home; the One who can guide us back to Him.  We’ve got a choice:  1) be a “wise guy” and act like we know it all and have it all together or 2) be a “wise man (or woman)” and follow the One who does.  Wise Guy or Wise One?  What will you choose today?