Waiting in line at a drive-thru.
Waiting for your appointment.
Waiting for the weekend.

We do a lot of waiting in our lives, don’t we?  But while we wait we can think about being productive.  Here are some examples:

While waiting in line at a drive-thru, pray for the people in the cars around you as well as the person who is working the drive-thru window.  No one likes to wait and a sense of peace and calm is probably needed by all.  You will also feel such a feeling of calm as YOU wait for your turn.

While waiting for your appointment in a waiting room, pray for the doctor or accountant or whomever you are waiting to see.  Pray for the other people in the waiting room with you.  Pray for each one in your mind specifically.  We never know what other people are going through.

While waiting for the weekend, enjoy THE WEEK!  Be productive.  Look for ways to make other people’s week go smoothly.  Put a little pick-up in their day.  Send a card.  Take someone to lunch.  Do something for your spouse or child.  And before you know it, the weekend is here and you have been productive, kind to others and calm.

While waiting in all of these situations, there is one thing in common I have mentioned – OTHERS!  While waiting, pray for others, do for others, and think of others.  When we take our focus off of ourselves and our issues and focus on others, there is a sense of peace and calm that fills our soul.

This is also true as we wait on the Lord to answer our prayers.  Here is an excerpt from a writing titled “Love Waits” from Shine On Beautiful Soul!, a Hallmark book by Jennifer Gerelds:
“Are you waiting patiently for Him as He is for you?  Are you resting securely in His love, trusting that one day all the moments of your life will make sense as He promises they will?  When the pressures and fears of this life light the fire of panic in your soul, put it out with Jesus’ promise of love.  Don’t run ahead, trying to work out problems in your own power.  Wait for God who alone can rescue you, who holds your future in the palm of His hands.  Rest in His goodness.  His plans to prosper you are so worth the wait!”

I couldn’t have said it any better.

Waiting is not a bad thing… especially when waiting on God.  He is always worth the wait!