Every day I iron my clothes for work.  It is amazing to me how wrinkled clothes get after not wearing them for a while (and no that does not mean I have too many clothes)!

I pulled out a pair of pants to wear to work and the crease along the knees mimicked the line on its hanger!  How long has it been since I have worn these pants?  Yesterday I pulled out a sweater to wear and the crease marks from the folds made a square right on the front.  Again…how long has that sweater been on the shelf?

Our spiritual life can get just as wrinkled as those clothes in our closet if we don’t “iron it out” often enough.  Maybe we decide to sleep an extra 10 minutes which puts us behind for the morning and we don’t get our daily devotion read.  Maybe we choose to only pray after we lay down for the night and fall asleep after “Dear God”.  Maybe our Bible only gets used on Sundays as we grab it off of the coffee table heading out to church.

Let’s take time today to let God start our day out by ironing our souls, our spirits and  our attitudes.  All of those things can get wrinkled up if we don’t wear our Christianity every day.  Take time to spend a few minutes reading the Bible or a devotional.  Take a few minutes to stop and pray a prayer of thanksgiving.  Take a minute to be kind to a stranger…and a loved one.

God is the iron to take out the wrinkles for the day.  Take a minute to rest and let Him do His work on your life…and on your spiritual wardrobe!